Oh hai thar,

So now that there are people stumbling across my blog and reading and commenting (Thanks 🙂 Lovely to meet yew! Will write back to comments soon) I am getting stage fright lol. And am suddenly like concerned about what I write about which wasn’t the case when I started. Either way I’ve decided to trundle along with my original plan and write from my perspective on the stuff that matters to me.

Most likely it will be religion heavy for awhile because I am out of the agnostic closet and finally able to blurt out how the whole thing has affected me. Topics I am working on include Women and the Bible, Rape and the Bible, Shit one has to deal with when walking away from the Faith and Raising free thinking kidlets.

So lots coming up. Stayed tuned 🙂

In the mean time if you missed The Daily Show addressing the Holy Catholic Church of Rapists, here’s some sardonic chuckles for you. The laughter eases the rage… No, no wait, it doesn’t!

The Daily Show – Pope Opera

The Daily Show – Holy Sh*t


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