Prayer: Take credit for outcomes without lifting a finger!

We were discussing how nice it is to finally be in a healthy relationship. How well it had fallen into place with little friction. How dreams I have been talking about for years are finally coming to fruition. After a thoughtful pause he continued with: “Yanno what I don’t get? All this stuff is working out for you and you’re not even following God anymore!” I wasn’t quite sure how to respond so something along the lines of “I know, hey?” Came out of my mouth. Then the kicker. “It must be all the praying I am doing for you!”

I’m sorry, did he even THINK before you blurted that retarded self congratulatory comment out at me? It must be all that praying he was doing for me? So him sitting on his ass mentally considering my situation and discussing it with his deity while doing absolutely nothing in the physical material world to actually help me make my dreams come true somehow explains my success as of late. Couldn’t possibly be that I simply worked my ass off? No, no it MUST be prayer! I am so glad I now know the key to my success.

Which leads me to ranting about the ego stroking, credit taking, responsibility sherking bullshit that so often accompanies prayer. Should I first put a disclaimer in that in general I think the concept of prayer/meditation on anothers behalf can be incredibly potent, positive and uplifting? Probably not, but I will anyway so no one can accuse me of thinking the general idea is BS. Positive mental energies are never a waste of time.

However, there are aspects of prayer that infuriate me. Like the people who, whether out loud or in their own minds, congratulate themselves on a positive outcome in a situation because THEY prayed and somehow their prayer got through to¬† the ear of God. Or the jackasses who take the credit altogether because they prayed – “I knew it would turn out this way, I’ve been praying so hard!”. Ooooor the assholes who absolutely sherk any responsibility for responding to real life needs with real life assistance and instead think sending some prayer in the direction of the problem is a solution in and of itself. Yes, because Prayer is what found the cures for numerous diseases, and prayer is how crops get planted and prayer is how battered spouses find a way out of abusive marriages and have shelters to seek refuge in and prayer is how your child miraculously gets good grades. It has NOTHING to do with hard work, long hours, sacrifice and human strength or resilience.

I found it incredibly insulting how someone could take the credit for my hard work over the last three years and attribute it to praying to his God who I don’t even believe in. And no, it is not ok that that’s just their belief system and everything and anything good comes from their God in their opinion. If that’s the case keep your fucking opinion to yourself. Or yanno, I can start pointing out all the uber shitty things that happens in these peoples lives and be like, so… your God allowed that hey? Huh – seems kind of…uncaring? Sadistic? Cruel? But you know the response is going to be either that the Lord is testing them or that it isn’t God but Satan. Yes. Satan. Horns and all.

If a hell of a lot more people would, along side their prayers, get off their asses and get involved in the world that is going on around them just maybe the world would be a better place. I mean obviously not everyone can get involved in everything, but chugging along in ones vapid religious life with all their incredible first world luxuries that the majority of the world can’t even imagine and somehow thinking that their prayers uttered between their Egyptian cotton sheets is somehow going to make an iota of a difference in any situation from Darfur to their friends financial crisis when it isn’t followed by some kind of positive action has got to be one of the most offensive aspects of Religion for me these days.

I know! I’ll pray that these types of people see the folly of their ways and turn from them to a more productive & beneficial way of helping others – by actually DOING something.

A taste of the utter horseshit people used to rave about…

Back in the day I posted about a dream I had the night before. I got a bunch of comments that God was trying to tell me something and one of my best friends, already out of the agnostic closet, questioned how he knew it was God, how he knew it was HIS God and so on and so forth.

Eventually the whole thread took a random turn to Laminin. He expounding on the amazingness of Laminin and her shitting herself over his abject stupidity and obliviousness to what was actually happening in their discussion (she was utterly mocking him).

I had heard of Laminin before from a christian friend whose daughter showed me the following video. No word of a lie, as I watched in abject intellectual horror I was oblivious to the fact that they were bawling behind me with gratitude that Jesus held them together in the palm of his hand. I sat there debating whether to burst their bubble with the explanation that it was a molecular diagram and in the end decided it wasn’t worth the debate/discussion/being hoofed out of the house for mocking their faith.

This is the picture in question that got SO many people I knew riled up with adoration for the Lord who holds them together with a representation of a cross:


While discussing this with a friend of mine he linked me to the following picture:

And said, “that’s a potassium channel molecule. looks like a swastika to me – god hates the jews”

“That’s enough evidence for me; the chemical structures in my brain are pre-wired to make me anti-semitic.I don’t see how it’s possible that a molecular structure could possibly take this shape without some kind of divine providence.”

ZOMG GASP! No not really – because it just goes to show how utterly ridiculous these Laminin videos are and how emotionally manipulative they manage to be. Sometimes you can only show how ridiculous it is by taking the utter opposite stance. I have linked the video below – what it and decide for yourself the level of emotional manipulation. Oh and utter HORSESHIT. *Eyeroll*. Just goes to show people can find meaning for their live in almost everything and how hard wired it is in us to justify our existence.