A taste of the utter horseshit people used to rave about…

Back in the day I posted about a dream I had the night before. I got a bunch of comments that God was trying to tell me something and one of my best friends, already out of the agnostic closet, questioned how he knew it was God, how he knew it was HIS God and so on and so forth.

Eventually the whole thread took a random turn to Laminin. He expounding on the amazingness of Laminin and her shitting herself over his abject stupidity and obliviousness to what was actually happening in their discussion (she was utterly mocking him).

I had heard of Laminin before from a christian friend whose daughter showed me the following video. No word of a lie, as I watched in abject intellectual horror I was oblivious to the fact that they were bawling behind me with gratitude that Jesus held them together in the palm of his hand. I sat there debating whether to burst their bubble with the explanation that it was a molecular diagram and in the end decided it wasn’t worth the debate/discussion/being hoofed out of the house for mocking their faith.

This is the picture in question that got SO many people I knew riled up with adoration for the Lord who holds them together with a representation of a cross:


While discussing this with a friend of mine he linked me to the following picture:

And said, “that’s a potassium channel molecule. looks like a swastika to me – god hates the jews”

“That’s enough evidence for me; the chemical structures in my brain are pre-wired to make me anti-semitic.I don’t see how it’s possible that a molecular structure could possibly take this shape without some kind of divine providence.”

ZOMG GASP! No not really – because it just goes to show how utterly ridiculous these Laminin videos are and how emotionally manipulative they manage to be. Sometimes you can only show how ridiculous it is by taking the utter opposite stance. I have linked the video below – what it and decide for yourself the level of emotional manipulation. Oh and utter HORSESHIT. *Eyeroll*. Just goes to show people can find meaning for their live in almost everything and how hard wired it is in us to justify our existence.

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  1. Naizzers said,

    June 19, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Stop resisting the LORD woman. He hath sent massages through molecules. Strange conflicting messages.

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