About Her Idealisticness

My mouth won’t stay shut. Neither will my mind. This is probably why I am such an advocate of free thought and critical thinking. For now I like some semblance of anonymity. I can tell you the following though. I am agnostic, an apostate from the Evangelical Christian fold to be exact. I do not know if God exists but I do, from the deepest parts of my heart, reject the Judeo Christian faith I previously adopted for 10 years. I am an abuse survivor – spiritual, physical and emotional. And a rape survivor. I believe one can gain strength from knowing they are not alone and that is why I speak out. I am an ex-pat. I am a single mother to creature that fills me with awe and strength and I love so fiercely it takes my breath away. I am still an idealist and am refusing to give that part of me up. I want off the grid and out of the main stream. The red pill was chosen and I don’t know that I’d choose it again. I swear. A lot. I am an activist to my core. I refuse to live with cognitive dissonance anymore in any aspect of my life. I am very firmly of the opinion that it is possible to stand up for ones beliefs, principals and convictions and strive for a whole life in the short time we have on this incredible earth despite discrimination, suffering, injustice and everything else that is wrong with this world. That is what this blog is about. It’s about making a difference any way I can. Enjoy.


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