Quick parenting rant if you please…

I was at a neighbors recently and their son has taken a keen interest in growing vegetables and flowers. Being a permaculture /self sustained/grow your own fanatic I am thrilled to see a 12 year old so enthusiastic about gardening.

He has a mini poly tunnel and pots and is growing chillis, peppers, tomatoes, peas and carrots as well as some flowers. I commented to his mum with a big grin on my face that it was fantastic to see him so excited. Every time I am over he shows me his progress. Her response? “Yeah, til he gets bored of it.” along with a dismissive eye roll. I looked at her, nodded and kept my mouth shut.

Because adults are any better? Our whole society is built on the next neat gadget, new holidays, new car, bigger house, better job, etc. Everything about the way the western world lives their lives is about bigger, better, disposable and whatever keeps our addled brains occupied for the moment until the next shiney thing catches our eye.

It makes me angry to see someone so dismissive of a kids interest, especially when it’s such a HEALTHY interest. He has saved and worked for weeks and months to have these things grow and is obviously excited about it and THAT’S the attitude taken? I mean, she isn’t the only one – I hear it all the time when parents dismiss their kids… and I always dislike it. It’s such a shame that instead of getting involved with a childs healthy and productive fascination the modern attitude is to dismiss it, tut over it and expect it to pass like any fad instead of get involved, use it as a bonding experience and understand that interests come and go with kids, exactly as they do with adults.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some seedlings to pass along ~_^