Ah, PETA… I see what you did there…

Objectifying women to promote animal rights.

I love how you are the saviors of poor innocent animals and yet you have no problem objectifying women, thereby instilling this notion that while animals deserve rights and respect, women, in your opinion, still do not. How stopping elephant abuse in the circus or animal abuse full stop requires nude women posed just-so to somehow push across the idea of “as nature intended” is problematic on several levels.

The first of which comes to mind is if concerned with ethics, is pushing your message with female nudity ethical?

How about furthering the objectification of women full stop?

Is it ethical to continue to push the media ideal of the female figure?

If it was really about how nature intended, how about you cease with the air brushing and stop promoting unhealthy bodily ideals and expectations for women worldwide?

Or HEY! I know! Lets discuss the ethics of sexualizing an abused woman, shall we?

Originally the PETA nudity ads were about boycotting fur.

I get that. I think it’s bullshit, but I get it. Explain to me how Olivia Munn wanting to speak out against Elephants being abused in the circus requires her to be naked in her PETA promo ad? What’s that you say? There is no good and valid reason? I didn’t THINK so… and yet?

How about this little doozey?

This one crosses the line. Jenna Jamieson is a porn star. Too much sex can be a bad thing as a tag line with a porn star? Hmmmm…. so the suggestion is sterilization? Do they not see the disturbing message this brings with it? Fucking is fine, just don’t let her breed. Wouldn’t want to spoil her fuckability now would we? Having a sex industry worker saying lots of sex is only bad because of the chance of conceiving is a really twisted message to be promoting and dehumanizes Ms. Jamieson by equating her to nothing more than a fuck kitty who you don’t want dropping litters and spoiling the fun.

Classy PETA. No really.

What does vegetarianism have to do with media ideals of air brushed naked women? And don’t even get me started on the whole chillis covering her vag. Why don’t they go for a scope shot of a happy clean colon? What? Not so appetizing? Good thing there is a gorgeous naked woman to appease the appetite then, hey?

Neat! If I go vegetarian, I get to…. look like her? Fuck her? Meet her? Just what exactly are we going for here?

I hope PETA takes an unequivocal stance against abortion… oh and ovulation. The stupidest thing about this ad is how grossly misleading it is. Hens lay eggs regardless if there is a Rooster around to fertilize it. They do not have an emotional attachment to a single egg they drop until they go broody on a clutch of eggs and attempt to hatch them. Maybe PETA should brush up on their chicken husbandry knowledge before using guilt tactics like this.

Oh hai, I see what you did there. You carved up a womans body for consumption to demonstrate how an animals body is carved up for consumption. The worrying thing is, womens bodies are carved up for consumption every fucking day across the world in tidy little packages (flat tummy, tits, ass, thighs, etc) to sell products and you not only do not have a problem with it, you use the same tactic. Fabulous.

Before I go ahead and say that this ad is a little more RELEVANT and to the fucking POINT when it comes to animal fur,

I’d like to point out the startling fact that of all the women who are featured in these ads, the only ones naked are white women. Apparently consumers don’t have quite the same hunger for dark meat as they do light meat, hey?

In summation I’d like to say Fuck You PETA. For objectifying women, putting animal rights above respecting women, for pushing unhealthy body ideals onto consumers and basically being a bullshit animal rights entity that claims the righteous high ground when it comes to rescuing animals but still manages to euthanize hundreds ever year. You’re hypocrites, liars and have no right to claim the ethical high ground in any way, shape or form. In fact you should be ashamed of yourselves.

PS. That fox would bring that wittle baby chick chick to a quick and violent end to make it his midnight snack. It’s called life.