My Sisters Farmhouse & Nate Phelps

One of my favorite blogs, My Sisters Farmhouse has a blog about seeing & meeting Nate Phelps (yanno, estranged son of the insane Fred Phelps who leads the twisted Westboro Baptist Church?) when he recently went back to Topeka, Kansas. She even got to meet him *^_^* I got a lovely encouraging email from him awhile back and I thought I would link to the story because of general interest. It takes balls to come out of such a cultish, abusive family and not only did Nate manage it, he is speaking out. The man has my respect. Anyway enjoy Rechelles article on the experience.

Oh fiesty fiesty! Such potent questions you ask, Rechelle.

I’ve done it again. Followed link after link after link and wiled away hours reading again. I can’t say I feel guilty – I encounter such fascinating and challenging things.

One blog I stumbled upon months ago is My Sisters Farmhouse written by a lovely lady named Rechelle, who after being a Pastors wife and a Christian for 41 years walked away from her faith and became an atheist. I found a blog about her apologizing for being a huge religious shit head and I admit I instantly had a crush. A me kind of crush. A omg I love what you just said, how articulately you express yourself and how much I identify with what you said kind of crush. A go on say more kind of crush. Not an I wanna snog you kinda crush, if you know what I mean 😉

So today I was wandering around her blog again and came across this post. Please go read it.

I’ll wait.

No really, did you read it?

See what I mean? Good stuff, that. Maybe because I have had all those questions confronting my own faith before. Maybe because I want to SCREAM those questions and fucking well get some answers.

I may not be an atheist, but that lovely Rechelle and I? We have the same beefs with the Christian faith and there’s no answers forth coming as of yet.

If you read this Rechelle, MUAH! You, my dear, are a woman of great strength and integrity and I have much respect.

Edited to add this: I found another post of hers about the Ten Commandments. I had to share. Read it 😉